About Carol

I began creating fused glass pieces to build into my mosaic art. It wasn't long before my curiosity turned to passion for fusing glass, exploding into a full range of mosaic, fused glass, and mixed mosaic-fused pieces. 

My process is unplanned. I look at the colorful beads, baubles, and broken bits spread out on my worktable, run my hands over their varied textures, and the ideas just present themselves. That's when the fun begins! 

Creating beautiful art pieces with these two mediums is an exciting and rewarding chapter in my life. Why not reward yourself with one?

My Process

I work with fused glass and mosaic techniques, combining bold, bright colors and patterns. I create beautiful, original designs by screen printing with enamel onto the glass, then firing in kiln to set the images.  When complete, I cut my newly designed glass pieces into different shapes and sizes and arrange them into unique patterns, then fire again at extremely high temperatures to fuse the pieces together. Finally, I place the newly designed and fused glass on a ceramic mold and fire once again to set the shape.  It is always very exciting to open the kiln after a firing and see the results! 

I often incorporate my unique fused glass into my mosaic art. I cut and glue glass pieces onto a pre-cut MDF wood shape and combine with assorted millefiori and ceramics to create lively, textured artwork. When the design is complete and the glue is dry, I grout and clean the piece. The transformation from before grouting to after is astonishing!! 

I love experimenting with new techniques and uses of my materials, and combining things in new and surprising ways. I hope you enjoy browsing CC Glass Goods!